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The use of fermenter

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Fermentation tanks used for anaerobic fermentations (such as alcohol and solvent production) can be simpler. Fermentation tanks used for aerobic fermentation (such as the production of antibiotics, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, etc.) require a large amount of sterile air to be continuously introduced into the tanks, and are considered to be more structural in the fermenter in order to take into account the availability of air. Complex, commonly used mechanical stirring fermenter, bubble fermenter and air-lift fermenter.
The fermentation process of dairy products and alcoholic beverages is a sterile and non-polluting process. The fermentation tank adopts a sterile system to avoid and prevent microbial contamination in the air, greatly extending the shelf life of the product and the purity of the product. Sterile breathing pores or sterile positive pressure fermentation systems are designed and installed. The tank is provided with a Milo plate or a labyrinth jacket, which can be heated or cooled to cycle heating or cooling. The capacity of the fermenter varies from 300-15000L in many different sizes. Fermentation tanks can be divided into small-scale laboratory fermentation tanks, pilot-production fermentation tanks, and large-scale fermentation tanks.
Fermenters are commonly used in dairy products, beverages, bio-engineering, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and other industries. The tanks are equipped with a sandwich, insulation, heating, cooling and insulation. The tank and the upper and lower filling heads (or cones) are processed by spinning R-angles. The inner wall of the tank is mirror-polished. There is no hygienic dead angle, and the fully-enclosed design ensures that the materials are not contaminated and the equipment is equipped with air breathing holes. , CIP cleaning nozzles, manholes and other devices.
Fermentation tank classification: According to the fermentation tank equipment, it is divided into mechanical stirring ventilation fermenter and non-mechanical stirring ventilation fermenter;
According to the growth and metabolism needs of microorganisms, they are divided into aerobic fermentation tanks and anaerobic fermentation tanks.
The fermenter is a device that mechanically stirs and ferments the material. The equipment adopts the internal circulation method, dispersing and breaking air bubbles with stirring paddles, it has high dissolved oxygen rate and good mixing effect. The tank body adopts SUS304 or 316L imported stainless steel. The tank is equipped with an automatic spray cleaning head to ensure that the production process meets GMP requirements.

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